Keep Your Head During Finals

Keep Your Head During Finals

The semester is coming to a close, the weather is getting colder, and finals season is about to be underway. Finals week can be the worse stress a student endures the entire semester. Studying, outlining, memorizing a semester worth of information for multiple classes can make anyone want to claw their eyes out, crawl under their desk and just give up. Students, including myself, are constantly trying to find things to help them decrease their stress and get through finals week without their heads exploding. While I was researching this popular topic, I came across two different articles that made me laugh and relate to them. They both listed things that could help decrease stress and frustration while studying. They listed funny and silly things, but at the same time they would be very effective.

Here are some things you can easily do to help yourself not lose yourself and your mind during finals week:

  1. Take a step outside and get some fresh air.

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but is very effective. Fresh air can help anyone calm down in just a few minutes. My roommates and I have a balcony at our apartment, and when we are all studying we are religious about going out on the balcony and sitting for a couple minutes every hour or so.

  1. Crank up your favorite song and have a quick DANCE PARTY.

This is one of my favorite things to do when I am stressed out. Turning some loud music on and dancing for a couple songs releases all that pent up stress, anger, and frustration in a positive way, and IT’S FUN!!

  1. Let out your best horror movie scream.

Now this one is not a good technique if you are studying in the library or a study lounge, but if you are in the comfort of a private studying place, this one is awesome. Screaming at the top of your lungs is kind of like the dance party technique, this gives you a way to release your pent up anger and stress in a better way. It is very very relieving.

  1. Online window shop for Christmas presents.

This one comes with a big warning, if you are one of those people who cannot start online window shopping without it consuming more than ten minutes then this one is NOT for you. But if you can control yourself, then this is a nice little break to stop thinking about school for a few minutes and think about presents and the joy of Christmas (which is getting really close!)

  1. Compose the perfect study playlist.

Making a study playlist can distract your mind while you’re searching for your favorite music, but you are also trying to help yourself come up with a better way for you to study.

These are just a few of the different things that can help you stay a little saner during finals week. The end of the semester is always a stressful time for everyone on campus, but stay positive and keep your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel.


By: Jillian Montgomery, Dining Services Senior Nutrition Assistant

Sources: and


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