Study Workout

We have reached the daily grind of classes, homework, repeat. I am sure that the homework load is starting to pick up for you, and that means a lot of your time will be spent studying. If you are like me, I get antsy when I have to sit for prolonged periods of time. While health is extremely important, good grades are necessary to successfully complete school. This means you occasionally have to sacrafice a night at the gym for a night with your nose in a textbook. I have combined some scientific-backed study tips with some simple exercises that can be completed with minimum equipment and limited space (like a dorm room). This way, you can have the best of both worlds!

Focus for 45

Giving your homework your undivided attention for forty-five minutes has been shown to be optimal; any longer and your mind will start to wander off. Avoid crowded places, excessive noise, and other technology to stay focused. You can set a timer to go off after forty-five minutes to prevent you from continuously checking the time on your phone.

Allow for 15 Minute Breaks

Go to the restroom, grab a (healthy) snack, play a song for motivation, and most importantly…exercise! Here is a list of simple exercises you can do. You can mix and match and create your own specialized workout to meet your fitness level.

The Dorm Room Workout

Cardio:               Jumping Jacks

Jump Rope

Stair Climbing

Upper Body:               Elevated Push-Ups   (push off the edge of your desk)

Tricep Dips off Desk Chair

Water Bottle Bicep Curls

Textbook Shoulder Raises

Legs/Glutes:               Seated Leg Extension

Calf Raises

Chair Step-Ups

Side Leg Lifts



Glute Squeeze

Abdominals:               Contract/Relax


Seated Leg Raises


Some of these moves can even be done while studying, so long as it doesn’t steal from your focus. Be safe and know your limitations. After you’ve repeated the study/break cycle as long as needed and have finished your homework and workout, stretch, shower, and get a good night’s rest to store the newly learned information to memory. Best of Luck and Happy Painting!


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