Bikini Body Here I Come

           The new semester is under way, and spring break seems to be inching closer and closer. Now is the time that people begin to get crazy about working out and eating healthy, trying to ensure they get a “beach bod.” Other people are preparing for summer, getting a head start for a long vacation where bathing suits and swimming pools are plentiful. Whatever your situation, here’s a straight forward, simple guide to get a confident body.

            First, before you dive into getting in shape for vacation, know that you should not try any crash diet, liquid cleanse, or mumbo jumbo crazy fad diet. Diets or meal plans that claim huge weight loss in a short time can be very harmful to your body, and will not give you long term results. To get in good shape, and maintain that shape, it takes lots of effort and work on a personal level.

            Second, make cardio and the gym your best friend. I know that working out and exercising isn’t the only aspect factored into losing weight, but it will give you a jump start. The Wellness Center here at Murray State University has a lot to offer someone looking to better their body. There are weight machines, free weights, ellipticals, treadmills, bike machines, stair masters, etc. They also offer fitness classes such as: cycling class, toning class, ab classes, yoga classes, and many more. You can find a workout class schedule at the front office and figure out which class best works for you. So, find a buddy that will go to the gym with you and encourage each other to go to the gym regularly.

            Next, you have to realize working out is not the main aspect of shedding pounds, your food choices are. If you are eating salads loaded with dressings and toppings, grilled chicken dunked in ranch, or steamed vegetables covered in cheese or salt, then you are most likely not making the progress you desire. To drop weight at a faster rate you need to double the amount of organic, fresh vegetables and fruits, have a good protein source, like grilled chicken or fish, and cut down on your carbohydrates, sugars, and processed foods. Fruits, vegetables, and lean protein can be prepared in a way that is tasty and healthy. For example, grilled chicken stir-fry fixed with a small amount of oil, grilled chicken sandwich with whole wheat bread, spinach salad with tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, carrots, tuna (no mayo) and a light dressing.

            There are small steps and bigger steps you can take to ensure a healthy body for spring break and summer. It is a lot of work, and some cheating is permitted (only occasionally). The main things are to get active, watch your portions, be smart about your food choices, and get motivated to become the best version of yourself!



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