Relieve Your Stress by Eating!!

As we start off 2014 and a new semester, everyone is focused on making a good start to the year with classes, grades, their health, and their social lives. As we get into our routine, things will start to get busier, and we can start to get overwhelmed. There are different techniques people use in order to lower their stress levels, but there are actually certain foods that you can eat that can help naturally lower your stress levels as you dive into a tough semester or busy time.

The first food that can help lower your stress levels are oranges. In a German study oranges, which are rich in vitamin C, were found to reduce stress levels and return blood pressure to normal levels. Vitamin C is also known for boosting your immune system, and helps keep it running at a healthy level.

Sweet Potatoes is another food that can help calm you down. Sweet potatoes can satisfy the urges and cravings for carbohydrates and sweets when you are under stress. They are also packed full of vitamins, such as beta-carotene.

Beef is said to be a stress relieving food as well. Beef contains high levels of zinc, iron, and B vitamins which help stabilize your mood.  Beef gets a bad rap sometimes, but when eaten in moderation and the appropriate servings it can be beneficial to your overall mood.

Another food that can reduce stress levels is milk. Milk is high antioxidants, vitamins B2 and B12, protein, and calcium. Starting your day off with a bowl of whole-grain cereal and low-fat milk with help you fight stress throughout your day.

Blueberries have been found to help stress too. They are very rich in antioxidants. They also are high in fiber, but low in calories, and are rich in vitamin C. Blueberries can be a good snack with cottage cheese or yogurt.

These are five foods that can easily be put in your pantry when you think you are going through a rough patch, or foresee a busy time approaching. These foods won’t completely take away your stress, but taking the time to eat them and fuel your body will make you feel unstoppable when trouble comes your way!! 


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