Breakfast 101

Breakfast 101
Want to know a simple solution to help you focus during those tedious morning classes and give an extra energy boost? Eating breakfast is the key. Just a little meal in the morning can benefit you tremendously as you’re hustling and bustling on campus.
Not only can breakfast boost your energy to keep you awake, but it can also help your body maintain energy and prevent over-eating throughout the day. Making sure you eat breakfast, though, can be difficult. No one has the time to get up every morning and make a five-star breakfast, but here are the top fifteen quick and easy breakfast foods that can be eaten in minutes or on the go.
1. Muffins. These delicious pastries can either be bought or made, and are rare to go stale for a while.
2. Toasted English muffin/bread and peanut butter. This choice is not only cheap, but it’s a good source of protein to give you some extra energy, and keep you fuller, longer.
3. Peanut butter and jelly. This is a college classic that everyone has learned to love.
4. Fresh fruit. Fruit is easy to grab on the go, and good to eat too.
5. Granola bars. These are relatively cheap to buy, and they are a great hand-held breakfast/snack.
6. Vegetables. This may seem weird, but you are allowed to have vegetables at breakfast. A bag of baby carrots would be great breakfast munchies.
7. Yogurt. This is a great, healthy way to eat breakfast. Not only is it good for you, but it also tastes great too. I like to freeze my Greek yogurt so it tastes more like ice cream.
8. Cereal with milk. This is a classic image of breakfast, and “Will keep you full and focused,” as Frosted Mini Wheat’s likes to say.
9. Dry Cereal. Sometimes time is of the essence and packing your favorite cereal is the perfect way to make sure you get breakfast and don’t get to class late.
10. Trail mix. One of my personal favorites, and is a great way to power up for your busy day and give you a good source of protein.
11. Breakfast burrito. These can be bought for super cheap and popped in the microwave or homemade if you have some extra time. They also can be a healthy breakfast if you are constrictive of what goes on it – whole wheat tortilla, scrambles eggs, veggies, etc.
12. Frozen waffles. “Leggo my eggo” can really come in handy when you need something super quick and easy, and not a good source of carbohydrates to fuel your energy. There are multi-grain waffles or reduced fat available to make this tasty breakfast even better.
13. Pop Tarts. Pop Tarts are good source to just pop in the toaster or take right into the classroom. It’s a breakfast classic that will keep you full until lunch.
14. Crackers. With peanut butter or cheese, slapping these on some whole wheat crackers can take all of a minute before you have to get across campus.
15. Dried fruit. Dried bananas, apple chips, raisins, cranberries, etc. are a good breakfast source that is healthy and fruit-based. Look for the generic kind to take some pressure off your wallet as well.
Breakfast can be easy, quick, and efficient if you can just take 1 minute out of your morning to prepare some of these delicious options. One meal can make a huge difference in our day and our health.

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