Eat This, Not That

So I’ve been talking about “eating healthy” in a lot of my blogs and encouraging you all to make healthful choice everyday. But starting a habit of healthy eating can be hard, especially if you aren’t used to making these choices. Maybe you’ve never thought about sodium, carbs, fat, or calories. Where do you even start? What about when you’re craving junk food? Well I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to suggestions for substituting healthy food into your diet. You may have heard some of these suggestions, but hopefully I can give you some new ones, too.

Eat Greek Yogurt, Not Sour Cream or Mayonnaise 

 Eat Fruit on Yogurt, Not Flavored Yogurt

Eat Honey, Not Regular Sugar

Eat Stevia (Truvia, Purevia), Not Artificial Sweetener

Eat Bagels, Not Donuts

 Eat Dark Chocolate, Not Milk Chocolate

Eat Marshmallow Fluff, Not Regular Frosting

 Eat Fig Newtons, Not Regular Cookies

 Eat Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Not French Fries

 Eat Light Popcorn, Not Potato Chips

 Eat Sorbet or Sherbet, Not Ice Cream

 Eat Angel Food Cake, Not Regular Cake



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