A Spin on Pepperoni

It is no surprise the favorite food of Americans is pizza.  As a nation, we consume almost nine acres of pizza a day and 23 pounds per person every year.  It is because pizza is easy to make and easy to personalize?  Is it because it can delivered to our homes?  What makes pizza so great?

For me, I love pizza that has heaping portion of melted cheese.  The toppings can vary, but the cheese brings all the flavors together and creates a nice palate for tastes and textures.  Not only that, but I like pizza that is a bit unorthodox.  Experimenting with foods and flavors is something I enjoy, and through my hobby, I have developed an appreciation far beyond plain ol’ pepperoni.  Here are some topping ideas for you to try.

            Do you enjoy Mediterranean cuisines?  Greek Pizza is a favorite of mine because of the tangy flavors and color.  It is usually baked on thin crust and while many have the standard marinara sauce, some opt to brush the crust with a good olive oil.  Some toppings would include: grape tomatoes, chopped onion, feta cheese, shrimp and olives.  This pizza is a nice twist on ordinary pies and addes variety in color and flavor.

            Another favorite of mine is Potato Pizza.  It may sound a little strange, but potatoes are an inexpensive and versatile food that can be used in numerous ways.  For this pizza, try: sliced new potatoes, rosemary, chopped turkey bacon and parmesan cheese.  This pizza is a twist on a winter favorite – potato bacon soup.

            These ideas may not be for everyone.  If you like great pizza a little more familiar, head over to Winslow.  Over 80 hot and fresh pizzas are served in Winslow everyday, made fresh and piled with toppings.  Not only that, but Winslow offers the Personal Pan Pizza, where you create your own pizza made to order.  Usually, pizza by the slice is offered at lunch and personal pan pizzas are offered at dinner. 

Still want more options?  After 9 P.M., you can participate in the Campus Pizza Program which offers delivery anywhere on campus.  You can prepay using your flex dollars, a declining balance, Visa or Mastercard.  Then, a hot and fresh pizza is delivered from Winslow to wherever you are on campus.  Next time you are hungry for a pie, call 270.809.3492 after 9 P.M.

With options like these, there is really no need to go off campus to find delicious pizza!


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