Ready, set, paint!

The Painted Plate is a blog designed by students, for students about healthy living and dining on Murray State University’s campus. Last year, students asked for more nutritional information regarding the food available to students. What is healthy in Winslow? What can I eat to help me during finals week? Any questions about campus dining is what this blog is designed to help. The Painted Plate aims to promote the choices in Murray State’s dining halls and eateries and keep you informed and in control of what you eat.

With the onset of a new academic year, I know just how stressful things can be. Getting re-organized after a leisurely summer can take a few weeks, but the excitement with students, new and returning, is everywhere on campus. The next time you are standing in line in Winslow, Dunker’s, the T-Room or any of Murray State’s dining areas and have a question or suggestion, save it! Share it here to get your ideas heard. The idea behind The Plate is to launch a fun, colorful and healthy conversation with you about food and nutrition.

Dining Services at Murray want to make sure students get what they ask for. You can check out the menus for all the dining halls on the Dining Services website, send the food staff an email, and stay in touch with all things Murray State through this blog. The Painted Plate will feature news from Winslow Dining Hall, interviews with staff members, ideas for recipes, plus many tips and suggestions on how to lead your very best life at Murray. We want you to have ideas for what foods will help you study, what to avoid during vacations or whatever you need to make the most of your options while you are here.

So, let me introduce myself. My name is Meredith and I have been around Murray my whole life. Being a senior dietetics major, I really value my health and I love leading an active lifestyle. I enjoy running, biking and spending my days outside. Not only do I love to be active, but I love to eat! Since being a Racer, I have tried every eatery around and I would like to share my stories and ideas with you. If you have any questions or comments, send them my way.

Everyday, you start out with a blank plate. Visit here for ideas to help you “paint”!


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